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We will utilize endoscopy when necessary to help make the best diagnosis or your pet’s health issue!

Endoscopy provides a less invasive alternative to biopsies and exploratory surgeries in order to provide an accurate diagnosis to your pet’s health issue.

How does Endoscopy work?
Any endoscopic procedure will require your pet is put under anesthesia in order to keep them as comfortable as possible. Once the pet is under anesthesia our veterinarian will take an endoscope, which is a tubular instrument with a small camera and light on one end, and insert it through the esophagus, a small incision or the colon in order to get a digital image of your pet’s internal organs. It can be used to visualize the:

  • Colon (Colonoscopy)
  • Stomach and Small Intestine

Once the veterinarian has examined the desired organ, if necessary, they will pass small biospy forceps through a channel inside the scope. Using these forceps, our veterinarian will be able to collect multiple tissue samples for biopsy. These samples are relatively small and do not require sutures. Once the samples are obtained the endoscope is removed and the patient will be monitored as they recover from the anesthesia.

If you have any further questions about our Endoscopy services please feel free to give us a call!

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